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Located on the New South Wales coast, Darkinjung Cultural Centre's primary function as an Art Gallery and Community Centre is a place where the local community and tourist population will be able to come together to celebrate the Indigenous Community's heritage, art and cultural practices. Darkinjung's adaptable layout will be used for community gatherings, performances and events.


The building integrates several cultural design philosophies. It's shell-like form is derived from the client's desire for the building to reference objects from nature. The resulting circular plan radiates out from a central focal point, allowing a large program to be arranged with views to the landscape, creating natural lighting for all spaces.


The circular form has also assisted with the permeability of the building, allowing the design to reference vernacular camp movement patterns, with many informal approaches to the one location. The multiple entry points take formality away from the building, making it an approachable and inviting space for anyone to be part of.

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