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Our environmental, engineering and design professionals, based in Launceston, Tasmania, allow us to provide a broad range of environmental services to our clients, both as stand-alone engagements and as part of broader engineering or design projects around Australia.

We have experience in the following:

  • Project environmental impact assessments

  • Project environmental management plans 

  • Waste management strategies

  • Water and waste water treatment

  • Environmental monitoring programs for surface water, ground water, air and soil

  • Project environmental statutory approvals management.

For major project environmental approvals, we engage sub consultants for specialist surveys and reporting, including ecology, noise, air quality, marine and surface water and geotechnical, allowing us to offer a complete range of environmental services. 



CBM has undertaken the design, development and project management of a number of significant projects in the agri-business sector including dairies, animal effluent reuse projects as well as water collection and bottling projects.


CBM has provided environmental consulting and project development services for both freshwater and marine aquaculture projects, including new marine farms and freshwater recirculating aquaculture facilities.



CBM also provides environmental consulting, project master planning, development management, permit procurement and project management services for the resources sector and has been involved in a number of mining and ore processing projects around Australia.




CBM has been involved in environmental approvals facilitation and compliance management for a number of timber processors, including saw mills and chip mills. This includes development of environmental impact statements and management plans to ensure best practice environmental compliance requirements are met.

ENVIRO CON Major Projects


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