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The vision for the new Hursey Seafoods experience was an ambitious project that saw the Hursey family, designers, builders and trades people work tirelessly and collaboratively through the cold winter months of the 2015 off season, and the result is the new and exciting Hursey Seafood Restaurant and Fish Mongers that you see today. 


This $1.5M dollar development removed the existing roof and added a second storey to the corner allotment that is now a brand new, contemporary, 2 storey façade, which overlooks the wharf and harbour at Stanley.  Hursey Seafoods houses a brand new arrival foyer containing live Crayfish and Striped Trumpeter.  The foyer leads visitors to the new takeaway food counter that services the busy summer seasons and upstairs, the restaurant offers an unequalled, seafood dining experience. 


The latest in point of sale technology co-ordinates high definition custom menu displays, and a brand new lift provides equitable access to all members of the public.  The one hundred seat restaurant boast’s stunning views of Sawyer Bay, nestled under the nut and follows the coast line to rocky Cape. 


The Hursey Seafoods development has injected over $1.5M dollars into the Tasmanian economy and was designed and delivered using local expertise.  As a result the restaurant will generate five additional ongoing jobs and ensures Hursey Seafoods will continue to deliver their exceptional seafood to locals and visitors for years to come.

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