The Impact Centre is a community facility located in Erina, on the NSW Central Coast. It was designed as a multi-purpose facility to meet both the needs of the client and the broader community. While the Church uses the facility for its weekend services and administration activities, the facility also hosts a wellness centre, gym, café and childcare centre, thus ensuring that it is utilised every day of the week, maximising the benefit to both the Church and the surrounding community.


This multi-purpose, community backed and enterprise driven model allows maximum utilisation of the facility, and assists the community in providing in-demand services, such as childcare. CBM worked closely with the client throughout the project, especially during the concept and master planning stages, and also assisted in the feasibility modelling required to allow the project to proceed.


The project has already become a benchmark for new church facilities around Australia, and CBM is currently designing projects in Brisbane and Melbourne that are based on the same ‘enterprise centre’ model.

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