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The existing iSEE Church West campus at Seventeen Mile Rocks had outgrown its current congregation in size and service format. CBM was approached to redevelop the existing building and current business structure to integrate a café, kids play facility, conference rooms, offices and a college campus within the existing facility.


CBM’s design team have proposed to insert a second level within the existing structure, creating a functional and proportional auditorium for larger services and providing a generous foyer, café and children’s play space at ground level. CBM’s proposed addition will envelop the existing building allowing the new façade to signal a changing point in the church’s identity.


A combination of bagged brick, a 45 degree hipped roof and sweeping veranda give the building an old world feel while the sustainability influence makes it essentially modern. All spaces have been designed to have both practical and sustainable uses, such as an upper floor retreat that provides a viewing platform to take in the panoramic views, whilst also acting as a solar chimney as part of the building’s heating & cooling strategy.

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